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Great to use SONY 1 IV in 2022 instead 2025

Best one for the World 🌎 especially for Tourists. Enjoy this Great Device.


Google Coral USB Edge TPU ML Accelerator coprocessor for Raspberry Pi and Other Embedded Single Board Computers


Good quality and easy to install.

My First Toilet Bidet

Very pleased with the product. It was very easy to install and although it took a few goes to get used to it, I am now more confident.

Not that affects my review but I did get a shock when I had to pay for the import duty. I didn’t realise this when I ordered it.


Well manufactured piece of equipment. Would strongly recommend.

Wery good

Easy to fit

The replacement seat was easy to fit once I was told how to access the item. Back to working just fine.

Seems to be great but looks unsightly

Very happy with it but does look big and cumbersome . I guess the mechanisms are in the back that makes it bulky. Just didn’t expect it to look like a toilet you’d find in an old people’s home

I did not install the toilet yet

Hand-held Shower Toilet Sprayer EcoSplash 110C


The one that I think to be the best! It is!!

Best starter bidet ever

I love this thing. Low tech, but both hot and cold. Very easy to install and complete wonderful addition to the bathroom. No downsides.

Japanese Style Bidet Shower Toilet SplashLet 1200RC
Károly Fülöp

Meg vagyunk elégedve a termékkel. a kapcsolója modernebb, az előzőnél. Szuper jó! Minden Oké!

Ionenwasserfilter 4x Pack für intelligente Toiletten

Japanese Style Bidet Shower Toilet SplashLet 1200RC
Chloe F.
As long as there's at least one bidet, you're good to go.

By definition, it usually refers to a good thing. That's the only problem, as my hair still feels dry even after waiting so long.


faut attendre pour contrôler un éventuel bénéfice, car eau sanitaire très dure en TH chez moi

Electronic Smart Shower Toilet SplashLet 1300RBS

It’s easy to concede that this seat greatly helps with hygiene. It does Also help with my thought processes about proper toilets rather than just seats . Aesthetically pleasing it is not. That’s why I dropped a star. For functionality it is 5* but for looks that please MY odd eyes, it drops down. It looks like a disabled aid in an old persons bathroom. It is out of proportion to the existing wc and stands too proud. After a month I am forgiving the lines as the cleanliness was the over riding factor in purchase.
Personally I don’t like the blue light snd have disabled it.
The remote control is a nice feature and some of it is self evident. Not sure about water temp and timing and colour coded system yet snd I must read the manual properly at some stage
Def much cheaper introduction to this world of hygiene and I have few regrets about the purchase. It does help my decision to upgrade the whole system at great expense in the future. And if I ever needed a carer, I would hope to have the use of one of these!

Electronic Smart Shower Toilet SplashLet 1300RBS
Heidenreich Hans
Ausgezeichnetes Splashlet

Wir hatten vorher eine andere Marke,das Brookpad Splashlet arbeitet in allen Bereichen sehr zufriedenstellend.Die Verarbeitung macht einen guten Eindruck,ist unbedingt weiterzuempfehlen.Wir haben uns richtig entschieden!

Electronic Smart Shower Toilet SplashLet 1300RBS
Katrina Allen
Love the product

Brilliant product , brilliant service.

Great purchase

Arrived quickly but can’t get a bloody Plummer to fit it

Japanese Style Bidet Shower Toilet SplashLet 1200RC
David Smith
fairly good but not Brilliant.

LED light failed within one week. Although a pleasant wash is given toilet paper is still required to clean bottom properly. If you use drier this requires spending quite a long time on the loo.


Absolutely fantastic does everything it says and Moor had it 1 month now and no problems

It's just the right size for my bathroom space.

The homogeneity of the pottery is excellent. This is a really good choice. I was dubious about the side door at first, however the side door transformed the toilet entirely from the Western design to a Japanese one. Washing is very specialized in terms of temperature and pressure and is carefully regulated.

Japanese Toilet Heated Seats SplashLet 1500FBS
Exceptional craftsmanship

Even a small bathroom with a normal toilet cover is appropriate for standard size.