Deals for Smart Toilets

Here you will find the best deals on BrookPad products SplashLet - Japanese toilets and EcoSplash - bidet spray. If you do not find an interesting offer, contact us or chat and tell us what offer you are interested in. 

Sale and Best Discounts

Sale and Best Discounts

The greatest Japanese-style smart toilets and toilet sprayer extensions are now available on sale with best discounts. Learn the most effective way to improve the comfort and cleanliness of your toilet with a bidet function. Select smart toilet bidets and bidet accessories are up to 75% discounted. 

Pre-order Deals

Pre order deals

If item was ordered as pre-order it will be sourced directly for you from manufacturer and shipped as soon as your pre-order will be available. Expected sourcing time of pre-orders depend on model (for more details check description or shipping policy for pre-order shipping). If product is available for pre-order then in cart there will be additional information: "Pre-order". Due to lower stocking costs and direct sourcing additional pre-order discount may be included in price.

Offer for New Customers

Discount on your first order

When you make your first purchase at the BrookPad store, you can get an additional discount for BrookPad branded products with the discount code you will receive in an email after subscribing to the newsletter. The discount can be applied if the product is at its normal price and has not yet been discounted. If the product is already discounted (regular price crossed out), the welcome code cannot be used. Multiple discounts do not stack up.

Discount for sharing the photo


If BrookPad branded product is already discounted (regular price crossed out), you can still get additional saving. If you have not used any discount code, share photo and save more. What to do:
1) Subscribe to our newsletter (if you not subscribed)
2) Share publicly post with a picture of your installed BrookPad on social media (Facebook or Instagram)
3) Send us photo with link (thereby you agree to photo reposting)
4) Receive partial product price discount (percent as in promotional info)

Free Shipping of Bidet and Toilet

All BrookPad branded products are eligible for free, economical delivery to the European Union. Additionally, free economic delivery is available in Europe for BrookPad branded products on orders over a given amount as in the shipping policy. This discount will be applied automatically during checkout by selecting "economic delivery." Free shipping is available when you order a SplashLet-smart toilet, EcoSplash-toilet shower attachment, or water filter. This discount will be applied automatically during the checkout process when the order reaches the defined amount after the discount.

Share with Friends and Earn

If you like BrookPad products you might want share your interest with friends and get something special for yourselves. You can register for Affiliate Program and get 20% in store discount for every successful recommendation.